The Company’s strong partnerships and reputation consistently result in Orratum Group being the beneficiary of “first look” and off-market opportunities. This allows Orratum Group to capitalise on a wide range of investment opportunity types and returns. The Company sees beyond current conditions such as underperformance of an existing asset due to inadequate capital, limited development expertise or a lack of strategic vision, and is able to recognise short and long-term asset potential and value-add opportunities.


Orratum Group vertically-integrated platform enables it to approach an asset from every angle and to provide expertise in all phases of the process. This results in the top-tier performance that the Company is renowned for. Orratum’s core competencies include:

  • Fund Management
  • Debt and equity analysis
  • Leasing and marketing
  • Development, design and construction
  • Asset management
  • Property management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing Agency
  • Real Estate
  • Acquisition
  • Financial Facility
  • Consulting
  • Luxury Products & Services
  • Hospitality
  • Luxury Concierge Members Club
  • High Technology & New Technology Investment & Development
  • Leisure
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Luxury Cars, Boats and Private Jets


Orratum Group investment strategy incorporates a four-step process: Identification, Preparation, Execution and Disposition.

Identification: Orratum Group identifies opportunistic and value-added opportunities with untapped potential by studying the asset with the goal of maximising its value and leveraging the company’s vertically integrated platform.

  • Track market trends based on recent transactions completed as well as market knowledge learned from strong external relationships.
  • Evaluate property infrastructure and location as compared to current portfolio and extensive property management knowledge.
  • Business performance and potential based on existing client relationships and current information from recent business transactions within the portfolio.
  • Proprietary information from off-market transactions enables speed of identification and evaluation of opportunity.

Preparation:  Following the identification of initial deal sourcing, L&L is uniquely positioned to perform rigorous due diligence and leverage its in-house and industry resources.

  • Capital markets
  • Debt analysis
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Leasing
  • Property management
  • Acquisitions
  • Foreign Exchange

All enable appropriate development of an investment strategy.

Execution:  By leveraging its cross-disciplinary expertise and long-standing industry relationships, Orratum Group is able to successfully execute its value creation strategy while both minimising risk and maximising performance.  The Company’s vertical integration enables unparalleled execution.

Disposition:  Upon successfully repositioning an asset, Orratum Group deploys a prudent exit strategy that maximises value for its partners and the Company.  To date, investor returns have averaged more than a 2.0x multiple on invested equity across all transactions and risk profiles.

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